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tagged by CherryShellBell
Post these rules
Post 8 facts about your character(s)
Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4)
Post their avatars and write their character’s name next to them
You can tag back
ah I don't normally do tags but this one seems fun

+ jaehyung has a strong disliking of bugs, especially spiders 
+ jaehyung always regrets not going to school and learning how to socialize with others
+ very self conscious about his outer appearance and usually sits with his back turned to people
+ his one true love was the original ringmaster, but once he died, jaehyung sort of built a wall for himself
+ jaehyung has always wanted to learn how to swim
+ his hair is very thick
+ has a hard time going to sleep, so he stays up and practices his hand writing
+ he is very flexible 

+ :iconcherryshellbell: - Richard
+ :iconblckk: - aisthetikos
+ :iconclara-chanv: - Clara
+ :icontimescribbler: - Ira
+ :iconiiouterspaceii: - Cherry 
+ :iconfancylamb: - Bleak 
+ :icontallycrest: - elliot
+ :iconm0untainside: - Kohi
:iconbiffikatti: is holding a myo event for their species, galaxums
go check it out here!
Limited Galaxums Design MYO (CLOSED) by Biffikatti
 .: Succulents 01 :. by Angry-Green-Pie
  you'll only be added to the list once you've paid!
only doing chibi ones! 
  fullbodies only and they are 50 points each/per character
   I will only draw; anthros, males, females, and keno's
  just fill out this for one!
   number of characters: 
   character ref; 
   any specifics; 

extra art for ganatanatda by oemeic,,CherryShellBell by oemei- feeling blue by oemei
Wing (left) :iconcherryshellbell: 1/1 done
Wing (left) :iconautumn-lleaves: 0/2 done
Wing (left) open
Wing (left) open
Wing (left) open

Ah I have some adoptables from my old account that never were sold so if anyone wants them then here they are!

  The Blonde adoptables .Open. by mahoganyroses
1 and 3 are still open and they're an ota ❤

+ <da:thumb id="687447002"/> 
Ah I have a bunch of characters that need attention and a new home so if you're interested then take a look! 
closed by oemei
Yikes these need to go like fr fr. They're 20 points each! Or ota!
Ok ok but number two is mine //////