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Asya Ref by oemei Asya Ref by oemei
[ Name ]
Asya Catrina Finely  
[ Name Reasoning ]
Asya ; A name picked out by her mother, who always loved the way the name sounded
Catrina; that was the name of her father's mother and he wanted to give the name to his daughter 
[ Nicknames ]
Hot Pockets ; Asya had always been called that because from a young age, she had started to love the feeling of taking what wasn't her's and earned the name from her parole officer and it just sort of caught on 
Two-wings; Yevadris refers to her as this 
Catrine/Cat/Trina ; Just another nickname revolving around her middle name
[ Age]
[ Birthday ]
September 15, 1985
[ Sexual orientation ]
[ Height ]
She is about 5'9
[ Weight ]
She weighs about 189 pounds
[ Body Type ]
Asya has a pear figure accompanied by thick thighs and medium sized arms.
[ Skin Type ] 
Asya's skin is antique brass
[ Hair Colour ]
She has half light blonde, half salmon hair
[ Hairstyle/length ]
short, pulled up int a bun with some hair flowing down 
[ Eye colour  ]
dark green 
[ Clothing Style ]
Asya is a very casual person who doesn't go for the dresses and skirts. She is more into baggy blue jeans and just plain sweaters. She isn't a very showy person due to insecurities, but she doesn't mind showing off her arms, so she will often wear loose T-shirts. 
[ Tattoos / Piercings ]
She doesn't have any tattoos, but she does have her ears pierced, just regular cartilage piercings though.
[ Occupation ]
Walmart Cashier 
[ Species ]
Angel ( considered a fallen angel )
[ Powers ]
flight with wings | telekinesis 
[ Likes ]
- She likes to play poker with her friends 
- Dancing in the rain
- Disco music 
- She absolutely loves birds, especially big ones
-  sock puppets 
- french fries without ketchup
- paintings depicting angels 
[ Dislikes ]
- spicy food
- rap music 
-  scary things/stories 
-  people reminding her she's the child of a fallen angel 
-  stubborn people
-  the colour red 
[ Fears ]
- She fears confrontation after she's done someone wrong
- She is afraid of people thinking lowly of her
- she's afraid of public humiliation 
[ Friends ; During or after school year ]
Went to DaVinci's School of the Gifted
Athanasios Papadopoulos   ; The two, living right next to each other, were the best of friends growing up and going to the school. However, he was a sorcerer and she was just an angel, but the trouble they got in was that of a demon's. They stayed friends even after school was over and still live relatively close to one another 
Sabine Colbert ; she was a great friend of Asya, even though she wasn't a fallen angel, just her parents wanted to live on Earth, rather than in the Land of the Divine. They get along greatly and whenever Sabine visits her relatives in the Land of the Div ine, she always tells Asya about how the place is and everything interesting. 
Carmen Langley; Carmen was a necromancer kid, and asya was the most curious about necromancers in her time. She had books upon books about necromancers and when she found out that Carmen's parents were necromancers,k she took the oppurtunity to learn everything about them. Along the way, they became friends.
Yevadris Amel : Yeva is the closest person to Asya, besides her parents. Yevadris didn't go to the school on Earth, but stayed with her parents in the Land of the Divine. Though it was on a detour trip through Earth, that she saw Asya and eventually talked to her and became increasingly close. They sent letters to each other and when Yeva turned 25, she gave up one of her wings to be on earth with Asya. 
[ Enemies ]
Nowell Radcylffe; Nowell is her boss at Walmart and they hate each other to the fullest extent, but he also fears her father to an even greater extent 
Len Balfour ; She owes him a large amount of money and he just doesn't trust her, but he thinks it would be terrible luck to kill an angel 
Mavis Hallman ; Her and Mavis share a strong amount of hatred or each other. They went to school together and she just loved to make fun of the fallen angels. Mavis is an inhuman, and just thinks that she is all that, especially compared to the fallen angels 
[ Personality ]
Asya is a very irresponsible person, seeing as to how she would easily sell something of someone else's to get the money she needs for poker. But, she is also very bold and courageous, usually standing up for her beliefs or defending other's. She's a very civil person, knowing how to seem just nice enough to not be considered rude, which is a very keen skill for working with the people who shop at Walmart. However, she's very impatient and when someone is taking to long to do something, she'll usually do it or just leave without them. She's also gets very jealous easily, but knows how to hide it by pretending to be happy. Sarcasm also comes easily to her and she just loves to mess with people for the fun of it. She's a very playful person and very witty. 
[ Family ]
Mother || Hermia Jalette Finely; fallen angel, 67, alive
Father || Amos Abraham Finely; earth dweller angel, 71, alive
[ Love Interest ]
haha ew
[ Extra ] 
- is very much allergic to peanuts
- loves birds to the greatest extent
- likes to take picture of fruit and post them on the internet; wants to be a photographer 
- can juggle very well
- has tons of books on Necromancy 
- drives the coolest bike you'll ever see
[ Quotes ]
" I don't think there's a such thing as eternity, i mean, who's been alive to prove it. And what is forever, just a lie made up by society to describe terrible things that go on to long, like this conversation"
" I'm sorry but you're not a sock puppet, so I'm entitled not to care about your existence" 

art/character @ me
adopted from @ :iconrymdprinsessa:
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